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  Committed to
    Deliver, on time,
      Time and time again...

Trudge the barren deserts, sail the bright blue seas, soar the open skies, drive into the motorway at midnight, or hit the rail road... we will deliver wherever you need it to go.


Tones of metal to intricate crystal, you can rely on our expertise to deliver with care. Appropriate transport and packing, researching and route planning that optimizes cost, transit time and security, requires an experienced and reliable Freight Forwarding Company. El Safa Shipping Agency is just that.


With a well integrated network of trusted partners located around the world you can surely depend on us. Be it documentation or insurance, all legalities are performed to perfection.

Air Freight or Sea Freight or a simple door to door delivery, our innovative solutions and effective use of today's technology, keeps all time deadlines intact. From fashion houses to health care, industrial equipment to consumer goods, El Safa Shipping Agency has a dependable infrastructure to meet your diverse needs.

We promise to deliver not just your cargo, but also peace of mind.


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