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El Safa Shipping agency is a family owned business which was first founded in 1919 then restructured in 1978 into it's current managerial hierarchy. The corner stone for the company was set in Alexandria, Egypt. Ever since establishment, we specialized within the area of shipping services with a close attention to shipping agency & brokerage. The Mediterranean basin, in addition to the red sea, black sea and Arabian Gulf had been our major field of operations over the past years.

Our Mission

To serve the welfare of ship and/or cargo owners, maximize business' efficiency and increasing the return on investments. Utilizing our; highly skilled taskforce, more than 32years of experience and a wide network of connections within the Mediterranean-basin we will provide accountable, quick and fairly priced services.

Our Vision

El Safa Shipping agency is the shipping agent of choice- for cargo and ship owners- within the Mediterranean basin. Through providing; accountable, quick and fairly priced services- we manage to offer our customers, elite and reliable services in addition to maximizing the return on their investments.

Our Values
Integrity: We mean what we say and always live up to our promises to our stakeholders and to each other. Our values and principles are never compromised.
Ethics:We hold ourselves and each other to the highest moral and ethical standards in all that we say and do.
Commitment to Customer Success: We believe that our customers' success is our success. Our customers' input is the real driving force for change in El Safa. We actively listen and respond to our customers' requirements and proactively seek new ways to help our customers achieve success.
Quality: We believe in doing things right the first time in order to give our customers the best possible service and to use our resources in the most productive way.
Teamwork: Integrating the skills and qualifications of our employees into a synergistic workflow that reflect the amount of positive energy each of them enjoy is a corner stone in our operation. Another dimension of our operation is how coherent we become with our customers and that originates from our belief that your success is our's.
Social Responsibility: We have a duty to the society in which we live and work. We believe in contributing to the growth and development of our country. We are also committed to protecting the environment and natural resources.
Occupational Health & Safety: We ensure proper protection for our employees, customers, sub-contractors and other visitors against injury and ill health and prevent damage to our facilities and to customer property. We are committed to providing safe workplaces, using safe processes and equipment, and carrying out all of our activities with minimum occupational health and safety risks.
Efficiency: We believe in doing things right the first time in order to give our customers the best service, utilizing our resources in the most efficient manner.
Man-power: Where business is based on customer services and interactions, man power reveals a major strength to the existence of this business. That is why we believe that investing in our manpower through continuous tailored trainings is a key factor to our success. In addition to that we insist on elevating the added values each candidate brings into the business.
El Safa has been an active participant in the growth and development of the industry and national infrastructure in Egypt since the expansion boom in the 1980's. El Safa was the first company to introduce consolidation in Egypt after campaigning to legalize such an activity. It is also one of the only companies able to undertake the heavy lift and erection of oversized cargo for many crucial projects.
El Safa was also the first Egyptian company in the service sector to implement a quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000.
El Safa' decentralized management team and overall approach to the operation of the company has enabled it to function through teamwork and synergy internally and with clients to ensure quality, creativity and complete customer satisfaction.
GLC and ISO9001/2008
Our services
Chartering & Brokerage: We offer chartering & brokerage service for vessels ranging between 400 up to 200'000 mtns. Through providing a dedicated team of trained shipping brokers- whom are indulged within the market dynamics on daily basis- we ensure that our customers get the best rates and market tips with minimal risk. In addition to dry cargo vessels, we have chartered other types of vessels, ranging from small tug boats and passenger vessels to large cape size vessels, LPG and chemical carriers. Over the years, we developed a worldwide network of associates and principals to cater all the requirements (such as ship, bunker and medical supplies) of the dripping trade to ensure our customer welfare.
Ship agency services: We integrate more than 30years of experience within the field of ship agency, a highly trained and dedicated team in addition to fair market rates to provide our customers with the most reliable, efficient and profitable agency. Our delegates, present across all Egyptian ports will manage your ship agency activities; provide you with petroleum related services, Suez-canal transit and custom clearance. The excellence you will experience in our wide range of services is inspired by our mission to serve the best welfare of our customers.
Cargo handling services: We provide dedicated team of freight forwarding specialists to handle your cargo. They can arrange for a number of cargo handling services such as; cargo reservation, cargo transportation and/or transit, ferry freight and logistics. In addition to that, our team will assist you in tailoring the most affordable price quotations. Our team services extend to cover the Mediterranean basin, red sea, black sea and Arabian Gulf.
Free consultation
Our highly trained staff, can provide you round the clock free consultations, so feel free to contact us at any time.
Ask about the P.D/A which we provide because we always have surprising rates for your convenience.

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